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Aerophones -> Flutes -> Organ ORGANO ERAMANGARRIA
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Ocarina OKARINAK
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (one-handed) ESKU BATEKO AHOKODUN FLAUTA ZUZENAK
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Zeiharra FLAUTA ZEIHARRAK
Aerophones -> Free-vibrating Stick
Aerophones -> Free-vibrating Firringila
Aerophones -> Free-vibrating Bullroarer (Burruna, furrufarra, zurrunbera)
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Chromatic Tube
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Chromatic Euphonium
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Chromatic Trombone
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Chromatic Trumpet
Aerophones -> Lip vibration (trumpet) -> Natural (with / without holes) Horn
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single Free Accordion, soinua, soinu handia, acordeón cromático
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single Free Soinua, soinu-txikia, trikitixa, acordeón (pseudo-diatonic accordion)
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Bagpipes Xirolarrua, boha
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Bagpipes Xirolarrua, bota, gaita de bota
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single Free Harmonica (aho-soinua, ezpainetako-soinua, xotixe, filarmonika)
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single Free Lapwing call
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single fixed (clarinet) Clarinet
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single fixed (clarinet) Alboka
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single fixed (clarinet) Korneta (bugle, cornet)
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Single fixed (clarinet) Turuta (clarinet), gaita
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Gaita, dulzaina navarra (shawm)
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Dultzaina (shawm)
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Txanbela
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Sunprinua, sunpriñua
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Tutubia, tronpeta
Aerophones -> Reeds -> Double (oboe) Turuta (stalk of wheat or oats)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (one-handed) Txulubita (can/tin)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Bestelakoak Txulubita (apricot kernel)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Ocarina Ocarina
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Piston Txulubita (slide whistle)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Pan Castrator's flute, Pan pipe
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Transverse flutes Transverse flute
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (two-handed) + kena Txilibitoa
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (one-handed) Txilibitua (cane)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (one-handed) Txulubita (without holes, with a fixed tap)
Aerophones -> Flutes -> Fipple flutes (one-handed) Txulubita (with holes)
Membranophones -> Mirliton Haizezko soinu-tresnen itxura duten mirliton-turutak
Membranophones -> Mirliton Turuta, orrazia
Membranophones -> Mirliton Tulurtea, turuta
Membranophones -> Frictioned / rubbed -> Stick Tupinütsia, tipinütsia, ttipiuntzia, zanbonba
Membranophones -> Frictioned / rubbed -> Cord Eltzegorra
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Tambourines Panderoa, pandereta
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Stick-beaten drums Bonboa, dunba, zanbonba
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Stick-beaten drums Kaxa, danborra
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Stick-beaten drums Danborra
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Stick-beaten drums Atabala
Membranophones -> Beaten -> Stick-beaten drums Danbolina, ttun-ttuna

Page: 1 Total: 2 (90 records)

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