Txulubita (apricot kernel)

Abrikot hezurrezko txulubita joaldia. Juan Mari Beltran. Oiartzun, 1998.

Txulubita, abrikot hezurra (JMBA bilduma, 1111)

Abrikot-hezur txulubita jotzen. 1999.


The txulubita made from apricot kernel is an instrument of the aerophone group.

Description of the instrument

An apricot kernel is taken and one edge is worn against a stone until it becomes pierced. Afterwards, the seed is extracted from the interior with the tip of a knife, scissors or nail, leaving the interior clean. Finishing the hole should also be done carefully, leaving a sharp edge.

Way of playing

The txulubita is taken by the ends with two fingers, and placing it against the lips, blow with force, throwing the air against the edge of the hole. It produces a high-pitched, loud beep.


In our childhood we played with instruments of this type of txulubitas in the valleys of Larraun and Sakana de Navarra (Beltran, 1993, 77-78). These instruments have been used in many regions of the Basque Country and are still used in some of them.



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