Turuta (clarinet), gaita

Turuta klarinete joaldia. Juan Mari Beltran. Oiartzun, 1998.

Turuta klarinetea (JMBA bilduma, 1052)

Turuta (klarinetea) jotzen. 1999.


The clarinet type turuta is a single reed aerophone.

Description of the instrument

This clarinet made from a cane tube was a sound toy made for children.

Way of playing

The end of the mouthpiece is inserted into the mouth and blown. Covering and uncovering the holes are given the various melodies.


This type of simple turutas or clarinets are the type that were made for children with stalks of wheat, oats or corn.


A piece of cane tube is taken with one end closed and the other open.

A simple alboka-type reed is made at the closed end.

The holes that are desired are made to give the notes, which will make possible simple or more complex melodies.



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