Bonboa, dunba, zanbonba

Zanbonba (Bonboa) jotzen. Arizkun 1981. (arg. Tradiciones y costumbres del País Vasco I. Feliu, 1987. 182. or.)


The bass drum or bombo belongs to the membranophone group.

Description of the instrument

It is a cylindrical box of wood or metal with two membranes of leather or other material stretched in both mouths.

Way of playing

Placing the box on something or hanging it around the neck, the membrane is struck with a special mallet.


In brass bands, charangas and fanfarres, these type of instruments are almost essential, since they set the basic rhythm and coordinate and direct the entire team.

Sometimes they form large groups and are used alone or together with other instruments. The most famous is perhaps the "Bombada" that is celebrated in the Estella feasts and "El Estruendo" that is celebrated in recent times in the San Fermín feasts in Pamplona.

These big drums can be seen and heard in the troupe of the Erratzu group "Damak" at the Baztan Carnival and in the Bear troupe of the Arizkun Carnival. They play these great drums made in town, producing a great roar. There, this type of instrument is known as "zanbomba" (Beltrán, 1996, pp. 113-114).



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